Nano Hearing Aids

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Introducing the types of hearing aids

The best hearing aids now a day are Nano hearing aids. These come in different verities and can be used by a person according to his problem related to ears. Let us have a look at these verities.


The full form of these hearing aids is behind the ears. The name of this hearing aid is suggestive of its function. The whole machine of this hearing aid is set in a piece of plastic that could easily be placed behind the ears of the person with a hearing problem. This type of hearing aid is preferred for children. The main reason behind it is that it could take the shape of any of the earmold and as the child grows the aid could be removed easily. Along with this, these hearing aids are sturdy in the finish and easy to clean and handle.

Mini BTE

As the name suggests, this hearing aid is similar to the first one. The only difference that one can notice in this aid is that it is a bit smaller than the previous one. This also can be placed easily behind the ears. As the size of this earphone is even smaller, this is more comfortable than the previous one. For the connection of the hearing aid to the ear canal, a very small and invisible tube is used. If we talk about the insertion of this earpiece in the ear, then also it is very comfortable. These earplugs are comfortable more in the sense that they reduce the sensation that is caused at the time of the connection of the earplug to the aid. Read the Nano hearing aids reviews to find the best mini BTE hearing aids.


This is what we call inside the ear hearing aid. Again, we can draw the functionality of this hearing aid from its name only. These are generally large in size than the previous two hearing aids.

The construction of different hearing aids is done by keeping this thing in mind that not all the persons are same, neither their hearing problems could be. So, one can choose from these types according to their problems.